Project - Mobilizing technological skills in Surface Engineering

Project - Mobilizing technological skills in Surface Engineering

The On-Surf project is a Mobilising Programme that transversally involves National companies from different sectors of activity and non-business entities in the SI&I, in a broad consortium, around a priority axis in the International Innovation Agenda, Surface Engineering.

The aim is to develop and apply surface modification processes that promote advanced and innovative solutions: (i) in very different activity sectors, such as Automotive, Aeronautics, Moulds & Tools, Health and Electronics; (ii) aligned with the strategic objectives of the National Clusters: Health Cluster Portugal, EnergyIN, Engineering & Tooling, Mobinov, Produtech, Tice. pt; (iii) involving companies positioned throughout the value chain, surface modifiers, solution applicators and end users, intending to be an embryo for a broad initiative that intends to bring to the fore a set of scientific and technological skills, recognized in Portugal in the area of Surface Engineering. The ON-SURF aims, through the mobilisation of the different actors that make up the consortium, to implement a centre of technological competences under this strategic theme to catapult companies to the international market through innovative products, integrating new manufacturing and engineering processes.

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