Phoenix Shield - Step into the new era of Speed, Strength, and Power!

Phoenix Shield - The new era of Speed, Strengh and Power

Unbreakable on every challenge!

Discover high-speed capabilities for higher material removal rates and increased efficiency.
Experience extended tool life in extreme conditions and unmatched resistance to crater wear, ensuring consistent results and elevated productivity.

Unleash the power of your turning operations with Phoenix Shield!

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Unmatched Benefits for Your Steel Turning Operations

With Phoenix Shield you can expect a myriad of benefits that will transform your steel turning experience:

Extended Tool Life: The Alumina layer with precisely oriented crystals significantly enhances the tool life of Phoenix Shield inserts. Experience longer-lasting tools that require less frequent replacements, saving both time and costs.

Reduced Downtime: By using the golden TiN top coating, you gain the advantage of easy wear detection. Detecting wear promptly allows you to schedule maintenance proactively, minimizing unplanned downtime and maximizing production output.

Enhanced Material Removal Rates: Thanks to the optimized crystal orientation, the coatings deliver improved material removal rates, boosting overall machining efficiency and throughput.

Superior Heat Resistance: The Alumina Coating's heat resistance properties enable you to push the boundaries of cutting speeds and feeds, allowing for faster and more efficient machining.

Process Security and Reliability: Phoenix Shield's combination of hardness and abrasion resistance in the inner TiCN layer ensures the highest level of process security and reliability during steel turning operations.

Versatility Across Applications: From roughing to finishing, continuous or interrupted cuts, Phoenix Shield coatings excel in a wide range of steel turning applications. You can rely on consistent performance, regardless of the task at hand.

Optimized Cost Savings: Longer tool life, reduced downtime, and improved material removal rates lead to substantial cost savings over time, enhancing your bottom line.


Unveiling the layers



A solid foundation
Palbit’s cemented carbide substrates combine high strength and insert toughness.
Inner coating - Ti(C,N)

Inner coating - Ti(C,N)

Fortifying Reliability
Very hard and abrasion resistant layer, produced from fine grain TiCN particles for greatly improved chipping resistance.
CVD - Alumina coating (Al2O3)

CVD - Alumina coating (Al2O3)

Pure Al2O3 Strength
The coating has been improved and developed to be an industry leading standard for crystal growth and densification on Al2O3 layer. This nano-control technology increases tool life and wear resistance due to the fine, dense crystal growth process.
Top coating (TiN)

Top coating (TiN)

Golden precision
Designed for easy recognition of insert tool life and wear pattern, combines with new surface treatment for lower adhesion, minimum built-up-edge and enhanced cutting edge stability. Also the special grinding treatment on both top and bottom surfaces, provides improved clamping stability widening the suitable range of applications.


Available in PH2G115 and PH2G125, these grades are suitable for a wide range of applications, including turning of steels and cast steels, covering both roughing and finishing operations.


Harder grade, with improved heat resistance
For higher cutting speeds and continuous cutting


First choice for the majority of steel turning applications
Continuous or interrupted cutting, roughing or finishing

Test Report

When performing external turning on Steel 34CrNiMo6 with a hardness rating of 26-28 HRC, the PH2G grade exhibited a 25% longer tool life, machining for 60 minutes compared to the 45-minute performance of equivalent competitor products.
Phoenix Shield - The new era of Speed, Strengh and Power

Phoenix Shield - Unrivaled Performance!

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