Improve your performance in superalloys turning machining

Improve your performance in superalloys machining

What are Superalloys?

Superalloys (from the ISO S field) also known as heat resistant alloys (HRSA) are materials that maintain their mechanical characteristics, such as hardness and toughness at high temperatures.

No other material allows the combination of resistance to high temperature, resistance to orientation and resistance to creep, leading to the use of these materials in applications that seek good mechanical properties at high temperatures, exceeding 540ºC. These superalloys are mainly used in the aeronautical industry and in the gas turbine industry for power generation. They are also used in the petrochemical and biomedical sector especially due to their corrosion resistance.

This class of materials has a growing market and is extremely difficult to be machined, leading to a need for specific solutions for this field.

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Products Range

DOMX patented insert for HRSA materials

DOMX Toolholders

Toolholders for DOMX inserts.
DOMX patented insert for HRSA materials

DOMX Inserts

Inserts DOMX for machining superalloys.


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