Palbit Technology Center is new platform that provides our global workforce and partners the technical support, developments information and technology advancements of Palbit products.

Features of this application:
   • Test results
   • New product developments
   • Exchange of ideas
   • Technical information of the sector.

This application does not need any software installation or maintenance, just a PC with an Internet connection.

Be our partner and benefit from this new tool.
To open an E-commerce service account please contacts us.

The benefits

Detailed information of our products

The technology center platform gives you detailed information of Palbit wide range of products.

Exchange of ideas

With Palbit technology center we try to help our workforce globally with the necessary competences and exchange of ideas to provide technical support and expertise in solving difficult machining challenges facing local and regional manufacturers and help them become more globally competitive.

Test Results

Access to our test results of our tools, check the details information, opinions and suggestions of cutting conditions of our specialists.

Technical Information of the sector

You will find in this menu information of the new tools, technologies and advances in the cutting tools sector in the market.

New product developments

Get to know in 'first hand' our new development tools and their specifications. You can also check images, photos and videos of new tools.

How it works

  • There is no cost for you as a user of Palbit E-commerce platform.
  • You must be a registered customer in Palbit.
  • You simply use your normal internet connection and access E-commerce platform via a link on our local homepage.
  • We provide a personal ID and password for your login. You may assign access to several employees in your organization to use Palbit E-commerce platform. This is controlled by you and all users login with a company ID & password.

Privacy Policy

All information shown in this website it's confidential.
Must not be copied or presented to unauthorized third parties.