Complete range on PCD turning inserts

Pastilhas revestidas com PCD / PCBN (Torneamento), cutting, tool, tools, tooling, laser, grade

PCD inserts are the perfect solution for finishing and semi-finishing of Aluminium alloys and other non-ferrous materials.

PCD inserts
allow to achieve:

  • Longer tool life (↓ set-up time)
  • Higher cutting speed (↑ productivity)
  • Excellent surface finish
You can choose between PDP403 and PDP410:
  • PDP410 is used in most aplications in non-ferrous materials, ideal for Aluminium alloys (Si<14%), graphite and graphite composites
  • PDP403 for machining Al/Si alloys with high Si content, Si>14%

PCD turning inserts - Brochures Download

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