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New TETRAFEED 16320 - XNKU 06

Double-sided high feed milling solution


The new grades PHP and PHH are the result achieved by the new PVD coating technology. This method allows
the formation of sputter smooth coatings, with superior adhesion, higher oxidation resistance and improved wear
resistance, comparatively to standard PVD coating.
Test results shows that with the same material and cutting condittions this new grades can improve tool life up to 30%.


This new technology AlTiN coating provides hardness stabilization wich improves
wear and welding resistance.
For high-performance applications in unnalloyed, alloyed and
high-speed steels and suitable for cast iron machinning.


This TiAlSiN coating has a very high thermal stability and provides long tool life.
For applicattions in machinning of hardened steels, stainless steels and titanium

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TetraFeed 16320

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