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Palbit and the Ecological Footprint

"At Palbit we look to the future by taking actions in the present. Thus there are practices inherent in activities / processes that aim to reduce impacts on the environment.




Some of the examples, despite the constant increase in installed capacity, which consequently leads to increased energy consumption, increased consumption of raw materials and subsidiaries and increased waste production,
Palbit has adopted some processes and activities of which:

Allow the reuse of cooling water;

Photovoltaic panels for electricity production;

Grinding oil filtration systems for reintroduction into the circuit;

More appropriate separation of waste, allowing the most appropriate destination;

Reuse of by-products for the production of articles reducing the need for raw material;

Recovery of solid carbide residues, reducing mining extraction to obtain tungsten;

Solvent regeneration for reuse in the parts washing process;

Investment in greener technologies, which allow the abandonment of chemicals which, in addition to the volatility that allows a great loss to the environment, still have serious consequences on workers' health."

Edite Neves, Engineer
Quality, Environment and Safety Department

We are working on it but there is still a long way to go.
We are Palbit, we are family!

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