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Business Areas

Palbit has 3 business areas - Cutting tools, Industrial tools and Rock tools.


Cutting tools

The cutting tools business area designs and manufactures high-performance cutting tools for a wide range of applications. Cutting tools are designed in accordance with ISO or special geometries, for the most demanding applications. The materials used in its production range from hard metal, ceramic or polycrystalline diamond. We have a complete range for milling, turning, drilling and special tools. We serve the major industries like automotive, aeronautic, mould, medical, stamping and general metalworking industries.

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Industrial tools

In the wear tools business area we do all kind of special tools for different areas, like chemical sector, aeronautics, electronics, bearing and high-precision instruments. A very diverse range of industrial and domestic sectors, with all one thing in common: the critical need for resistance to impact, corrosion and wear. Our wear parts are designed for improving the performance, increasing the productivity and increasing the lifetime of products.

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Rock tools

The Rock Tools business area has a wide range of solutions for the work on the quarries, construction and mines. This solutions includes drilling tools, finishing stone tools and splitting tools.

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