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PLUS 17590 | ANHX12

Completing the previous PLUS 17190 and 18190 line, we have now, the new line PLUS 17590 for ANHX12 insert size.

With this new insert size, we complete the program and now we have the PLUS 17190, 17590 and 18190, for insert sizes of 10, 12 and 16.

Axial Rake Angle

- For a smooth cutting;
- For low cutting forces;

Single screw
- Strong clamping system;

- Better chip evacuation due to a wide pocket;

Coolant system
- Improvement of chip control and evacuation;
- Tool life improvement due to reduced cutting temperature;

True 90º wall
- 90º allows multi applications;
- Excellent for shouldering;

Insert Width
- High thickness allows a stronger insert;
Relief angle
- Reduce the cutting load;
- Low cutting forces;

Double-sided insert
- 4 cutting edges;
- Negative insert has a strong edge;

Chip Breaker
- Cutting load reduction due to high rake angle;
- Improvement of chip flow and evacuation in multiple
applications and materials;
- New LS chip breaker (on ANHX12) for M and S class materials


PALBIT 17590|17190|18190

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